About the author

Rosalia Aguilar Solace, born in Mexico City to a journalist father and an academic mother, spent her childhood between Mexico and California. At 12, she began following her father on magical adventures, sparking her creativity. After settling in the Great Library of Tomorrow and learning about different worlds, Rosalia pursued journalism, inspired by her father. A passionate photojournalist, she travelled extensively, capturing stories through her lens. Now based in Mexico City, Rosalia writes fiction in her free time, often found in local cafés or visiting the Great Library. Magical stories continue to follow her.

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About Tomorrowland

Established in 2005 by Manu and Michiel Beers, Tomorrowland is one of the most beautiful music festivals in the world, famous for its fantasy themes, magical worlds and unique feeling of global unity, with visitors from every country in the world. Located in the wonderful town of Boom in Belgium, the summer festival sells out in minutes and welcomes more than 400,000 visitors across two amazing weekends every year.  

Tomorrowland’s motto is Live Today, Love Tomorrow, Unite Forever. Live Today stands for living life to the fullest; Love Tomorrow is for having respect for oneself, including one’s mental and physical health, others, and nature, while Unite Forever celebrates unity, diversity, equality, and freedom for all.  

Yet, Tomorrowland is so much more than just the summer festival. With new events landing each season in fabulous locations around the world, from Tomorrowland Winter at the magnificent Alpe d’Huez to the beautiful Itu with Tomorrowland Brazil, it is truly a global phenomenon.  

Tomorrowland also connects with the People of Tomorrow all year long via One World Radio and its own record label, Tomorrowland Music, while projects like the Tomorrowland Academy DJ & producer school help mentor the next generation of musical talent. Meanwhile, the Tomorrowland Foundation builds music and art schools around the world, giving vulnerable children the opportunity to express themselves creatively, with schools currently running in India, Nepal and Brazil.  

With Tomorrowland Fiction now adding another layer and sharing unique stories full of magic to a global audience, Tomorrowland continues to spread its messages of love and unity around the world.