Book of wisdom trilogy – Book One

By: Rosalia Aguilar Solace

the great library of tomorrow

Book of wisdom trilogy – Book One


Helia has served as the Sage of Hope for the Great Library Of Tomorrow for centuries. She is one of the chosen few who embody and protect the values of humanity across the numerous realms of Paperworld, which are connected within the Library itself via magical Portals controlled by the Book of Wisdom.

But even her hope is tested when she and her partner Xavier, the Sage of Truth, are attacked while visiting the famous Rose Garden in the realm of Silvyra. Wounded and in shock amidst a storm of fire, they are confronted by a deadly figure known to them as the Ash Man. With the Garden destroyed and its dragon protector missing, Xavier sacrifices his life so that Helia can return home to warn the other Sages.

But there she finds the Book of Wisdom—always a guide to the Sages—eerily silent. With the Ash Man gaining strength, Helia soon finds herself in a race against time, searching for clues to the origins of their foe—and any possible way to defeat him.

Dear Reader,

I’m Rosalia Aguilar Solace, your guide to the extraordinary hidden within the mundane. From my home in Mexico City, I spin stories tinged with magic, drawing inspiration from the bustling streets and the silent corners of quaint cafés and ancient libraries. My morning begins with the ritualistic savoring of my favorite Café de olla, its rich spices mingling with the crisp morning air as I make myself comfortable at my desk. I hope you can come journey with me, and together we can discover a world of travel and stories.

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